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Choosing Decorations for Your Fish Tank

One of the most enjoyable aspects of setting up a new fish tank, outside of choosing the live occupants, is choosing the decorations for the tank. Fish tank decorations serve two purposes. First, they give fish a place to hide and rest, and second, they add interest and fun to the tank. You have a plethora of choices as you decorate the tank, so start by deciding your theme or overall look, and then have fun!

Realistic Décor

Some aquarium owners choose to decorate their aquariums to resemble a realistic underwater scene. They will use artificial logs or pieces of driftwood, rocks, shells, and plants (whether real or fake) to make a beautiful display in the tank. The substrate is typically natural colored gravel or some other option that could realistically be found in the wild. Decorative figures of underwater creatures can add even more interest to the realistic tank design. Ornaments that look like skeletons of underwater creatures, such as the skull of a shark, are also popular.

Whimsical Décor

If you want a tank that is a little more fun and funky, you can choose just about anything you can imagine. Neon colored, glow-in-the-dark plastic plants, fluorescent "sand" castles and rocks, underwater ruins, and plastic figures can all be found. Add even more interest to your aquarium with moving decorations. These may be divers that float up and down in the tank, letting off bubbles like a real diver would, a shipwrecked boat that rocks back and forth, or a treasure chest that opens and shuts to reveal its goods.

Consider a Combination

Can't decide between realistic and whimsical? Consider a combination. Make your tank look realistic, and then throw the occasional whimsical item in to add color and make it different from the crowd. Remember, as long as you give your fish somewhere to hide or rest, they will not care what color the décor is, so have fun and really personalize your tank with the decorations.