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Choosing the Best Fish Foods

One of the most important things you will do as a fish owner is feed your fish. Most who have aquariums for the first time assume that the pre-made flake food is the best option, but the truth is that there is a wide range of foods available for your fish. Choosing the right ones depends largely on the type of fish you have, but all fish will benefit from a varied diet.

Types of Fish Food

Fish can be fed a variety of foods. One popular option is flake food. This carries a nice nutritional variety including both carbs and proteins. Fish can also be fed live foods, including brine shrimp, a variety of worms, and even other fish. Pellets are yet another option, and these work well for larger fish or bottom feeders. Freeze-dried foods are a healthy alternative when live foods are not available.

The first step in choosing the right food for your fish is researching their natural diets. Try to mimic the diet as much as possible in your aquarium. All fish need live food to supplement their processed diet, but the type and amount of live food varies quite a bit from species to species. You can research the type of food for your fish online, through fish keeping books and magazines, or at your local aquarium retailer.

Timing Feedings

Again, timing the feeding of your fish will depend on the type. Most fish will do fine with one or two small feedings a day. The main exception is if you are raising fish that only eat plant foods. They need more frequent feedings than fish who eat both protein and plant foods. Also, young fry need more frequent meals of food designed for their small bodies. Always feed your fish as much as they can eat in less than five minutes. Overfeeding will cause toxins to build up in the water, which will make your fish sick.