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These fish are hardy and fun to keep. They come in several bright colors and are quite active, making them enjoyable to watch. Gouramis get along very well with other fish similar in size and can be kept with any number of non-aggressive species. They also have labyrinth organs which allow them to breathe air and should be given free access to the surface of the water at all times.

This tropical fish requires plenty of hiding spaces, as well as space to swim about. You'll find that it's best to keep only one male per tank because of territorial issues, but you can have plenty of females, since they like to shoal.


Gouramis will eat nearly anything, but do best with a fish flake diet which is supplemented with live food or freeze-dried worms or pellets. Variety will keep them healthy, so try new things from time to time.


Breeding gouramis is a little more complex than with some other fish. The male and female should be placed in a small tank with around 6 inches of water and several plants. The male will build a bubble nest and is responsible for looking after the eggs and fry once they hatch out. After breeding, the female should be removed from the tank. Babies can be fed small brine shrimp.

While not a beginner's fish, gouramis are not terribly difficult to look after and are fascinating fish to add to your tank. Look for the various types, including Pearl, Blue, Kissing and Moonlight species, all of which do well in a tank together. Each type is interesting in its own right.