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Keeping a Crayfish in Your Aquarium

Crayfish are a small, lobster-like creature that live in the wild in the southern states. They are particularly interesting when added to an aquarium and can be a fun addition to your fish tank.

Despite looking rather menacing with their distinct claws, crayfish are fairly docile and will rarely cause problems with other fish. They tend to be solitary creatures and will thrive if they have a place to hide in the fish tank. Aquarium decorations like hollow rocks or caves will let the crayfish hide out during the day when it needs to rest. They also like plenty of cover, given by aquatic plants. In most cases, they will leave any fish in the aquarium alone, unless a sick or dying fish sinks to the bottom.

It isn't difficult to maintain these aquatic creatures. They like to have fresh water, so a good aquarium filter and pump are necessary, but there is no need for heating the water, as they are content in cool water and are fairly adaptable.

To feed your new pet, regular fish food is not the best way to go, though they will eat flakes that drift to the bottom. Being scavengers and bottom feeders, these creatures do best with a sinking pellet, like shrimp pellets. To ensure the other fish in the tank don't eat all the food, you can drop some of the pellets into the crayfish's hiding spot.

Crayfish are interesting creatures and can add some variety to a tank full of regular and tropical fish. While they do serve a certain purpose in cleaning up the bottom of the tank, they won't clean up algae and shouldn't be used in place of filters or algae eaters. More than anything, they are a new pet to include in your aquarium.