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Advice for Setting Up and
Maintaining a Custom Large Aquarium

For the aquarist, watching beautiful fish swim around in their carefully structured homes can be intensely rewarding and enjoyable. This is among the many reasons why avid fish lovers often upgrade from small tanks to large custom aquariums.

If you have been toying with the idea of upgrading to a tank that holds 200 gallons or more, there are a few should consider prior to purchasing a larger aquarium.

  1. Hobbyists should carefully plan where to put the new aquarium, a task that is often times easier said than done. Keep in mind that you won't be able to move the aquarium without tremendous effort once it is set up. You will also need to be able to easily access and clean it. This makes aquarium placement an extremely important first step.
  2. Filtration is another important consideration, as the standard filters you've been using won't be up to snuff. There will be more water, more fish, more marine flora and fauna and the filter has to perform accordingly. A "reef-ready" tank comes with several pre-drilled holes and an overflow box that releases into a smaller "sump" tank. This bigger plumbing system could be placed out of sight making the tank easier to place against the wall if desired.
  3. Acrylic tanks beat out glass when it comes to a larger tank-not only is it clearer and heartier, but scratches can be easily smoothed out. Contemporary acrylic tanks do not discolor and are lighter as well; however, the tank material you choose is up to you.

You may also wish to purchase a stand that can hold up to 1,000 pounds or more as increased water volume will make the tank heavier than your previous aquarium. Once you've gotten these all important essentials in place, you can begin to fill your new tank with the fish and adornments you want and enjoy your new aquarium.