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Aquatic Plants That Thrive in Aquariums

While there is no question that the best aquarium decorations are live aquatic plants, not only because of the look they create but also because of the health benefits they provide your fish, new tropical fish tank owners should know that not all aquatic plants are well suited for the average aquarium. If you are ready to try your hand at growing aquatic plants in your aquarium, consider these easy-to-grow options.

Hygrophila Polysperma

Hygrophila polysperma is one of the easiest plants to grow in an aquarium. Since the plant in the wild is actually a weed, it will grow just about anywhere. Keep in mind that you may not be able to buy it if you live in the southern United States, because it is classified as a pervasive weed and is dangerous if released into the wild. As a result, it has been banned in this part of the world. Contact your favorite source for aquarium supplies to see if you can buy this plant or not.

Java Moss

Java moss is not a rooted plant, but rather a moss. It does not need a special substrate to grown and thrive. Instead, it will grow on driftwood and other aquarium decorations. If your aquarium filters are power filters, tie the moss to a decoration in the fish tank using fishing line until it has a chance to adhere to the surface. Use scissors to prune it, as it is quite prolific. Java moss is so hardy that you can actually grow it in a fish bowl.


If you have a clean tank, plant some anubias. This plant grows slowly, so it will not overtake your fish tanks too quickly. You must keep the aquarium pumps running well, because the leaves will disintegrate in dirty water. The roots of the anubias extend from a rhizome. The rhizome must be planted above the substrate, with the roots underneath. You can also cause the plant to adhere to driftwood or dècor by tying it to the item when you first plant it. It will then climb the structure much like ivy does.