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Choosing the Right Aquarium Filter for Your Tank

With so many aquarium filters to choose from, it can be confusing to the new aquarium owner. There are several factors to consider, including the tank size, type and number of fish and which media type you wish to use.

Other factors include the amount of fish food you add to the tank, the number of aquarium plants you have and whether or not you include cleaning creatures like snails in the fish tank.

Undergravel Filters: These are perhaps the simplest at first glance, but they require a good deal of effort to clean. This apparatus goes under the gravel, but it requires moving all aquatic plants and aquarium decorations in order to clean it properly, making this a difficult option.

Internal Power Filters: These cleaning mechanisms are very simple and consist of a water pump that pushes water through a sponge which captures debris. This type sits inside the fish tank and works to filter the water from within and is fairly easy to clean.

External Power Filters: While more expensive than other options, this type of cleaning mechanism is very simple to use, very easy to clean and is set above the water, though it filters very well and pumps the fresh, clean water back into the aquarium. They are extremely easy to take care of.

It is necessary to have a good, well-maintained filter in your aquarium, whether you are raising guppies or tropical fish. The health of your pets depends on the freshness and aeration of the water. If it is left to get too polluted, they will be unable to breathe properly and will die.

Once you have chosen a cleaning system, remember that you will need to keep it up and replace the filter from time to time. Do that and your fish will be happy and healthy.